Testimonials from clients and colleagues:

"The long-term sustainability of business can easily be achieved if employees become the driving force behind. As an experienced HR director, André Papmehl’s mission is to leverage the potential of employees for the success of his customers. Mobilizing and motivating employees, thus sustainability of success, is Andrés primary goal."
Joachim Follmann, Mercedes-Benz, Director Strategy Operations

"Mr. André Papmehl created a trustful work environment with our local works council that helped a lot to get projects started and implemented. He was highly accepted in the leadership team, the workforce and the employee representative body. Due to his very high commitment as well as his outstanding, professional results, he made an excellent contribution to our company's success."
Frank Martin, General Manager & Michael Fromme, Senior Vice President Car Power Technology Human Resources (PH), ZF Getriebe Brandenburg GmbH

"Since the 1990s André Papmehl has published numerous innovative books which are now an essential part of the management literature. I send my best wishes for him personally and for his continued success."
Professor em. Dr. Knut Bleicher, University of St. Gallen

"Two basic conditions are required for people to be creative in companies: they need to master the necessary tools in order to generate ideas - and a corporate culture needs to be in place where they are able to use these tools without constraints. This book contains a broad insight as to how modern companies are able to create and nurture this type of corporate culture."
Dr. Edward de Bono, on the book: "The Creative Organisation"

"Mr. Papmehl from the very first day has been a very dynamic and experienced support. The achieved results have been conclusive."
Annegret Bischof, HR Manager, Voith Turbo

"We would like to take this opportunity to thank Andre Papmehl for his professionalism and determination to excel in his objectives which have at times been challenging in a tough environment. His perseverance and experience have had a positive impact and he fully met the brief first given."
Luc Van den Broeck, Vice President Human Resources, Ingersoll Rand (EMEIA ITS)

"All projects have been done with high competence, with a deep respect of the people, with a good company spirit and also with a very good team building. I am pleased to provide this reference for André, because he is a strong manager - able to provide good results in short term."
Michele Conchetto, HR Group Director, FAAC Group

"I have always found the partnership with André Papmehl in internal company projects dealing with HR and organizational development, as well as in conjunction with publications on innovation and customer orientation, to be a motivating and fruitful one."
Dr. Klaus Doppler, Organizational Consultancy and Behavioral Training

"André Papmehl has been a dear friend of mine for many years. He has fantastic, creative ideas and new and unconventional ways of putting them into practice. As a consultant and mentor who is specialised in the areas of HRM and organisational development, I would recommend him very highly."
Peter Gastberger, founder and CEO of scalaria the eventresort

„André Papmehl whom I know since more than 20 years - combines excellent experiences in operational HRM and visions towards strategic development. It´s luck for his customers, that he know is working as a management consultant.”
Jürgen Hachenberg, CEO FIEGE uni/serve GmbH

"I have been working with Mr Papmehl for many years and value him as an excellent personnel manager, who offers innovative, forward-looking and strategic concepts. He has published a number of excellent books dealing with management topics that I had the pleasure of collaborating with him on."
Professor em. Dr. Hans H. Hinterhuber, Hinterhuber & Partners

"The cooperation with André Papmehl has been always highly productive and creative."
Professor Dr. med. Rainer Holm-Hadulla, University Heidelberg

"Mr. Papmehl completely understands how to translate complicated issues from everyday life into a language that everyone can understand with a sense of energy and creativity that has impressed me from the start."
Arnulf Freiherr von Eyb, Specialist Law Practice for Labor Law, MDL in Baden-Württemberg

"He had a positive effect on the company and all his colleagues and I would not hesitate to recommend André to any prospective employer."
Stephanie Kaeding, HR Director OSI Europe

"Mr. Papmehl had overall responsibility as the interim manager of the Vice President Senior Executives Corporate Center. Since the collaboration and results achieved have been thoroughly positive, we are pleased to be able to provide this reference."
Rüdiger Lindenmeyer, Group Vice President Human Resources, MANN+HUMMEL

„André Papmehl was for many years my HR-Director. I have supported him in the development of the - BERNER BUSINESS SCHOOL - in Verona; we are still in touch and good friends.”
Dr. Roberto Lovato, Director Human Resources, Berner Italy

"I’ve known André Papmehl since the 1970s. He has always impressed me with his knowledge and capacity for sensitivity towards a situation. As a consultant in personnel and organisational development, he is a professional and highly competent sparring partner."
Henning Oldendorff, Chairman Oldendorff Carriers

"I know André Papmehl since the beginning of our careers from projects such as keynote events, training and joint-publications. After having worked for many years as an HR-Director in high-profile companies - he is now working as a professional and creative top management consultant."
Hon.-Prof. Dr. Peter Speck, Head of Festo "Bildungsfond" | CEO Festo Lerning Center Saar GmbH

“I have known André Papmehl as a management expert for around two decades now. He is an esteemed colleague who has well-founded, intercultural experience in the fields of training, presentation and adult education. He worked successfully for many years as a lecturer of the SNP programme (for up and coming HR managers) in adult education in Switzerland.”
Professor Dr. Thomas Schwarb, University of Applied Sciences North-Western Switzerland

"I’ve known André Papmehl for around 20 years and feel qualified to say that his ideas are surprisingly creative and unconventional! Coupled with his years of experience, he is an excellent sparring partner."
Thomas Urbach, Member of the Board, Mercedes-Benz Vans

"In the more than 20 years that I have worked with André Papmehl I have been impressed by two particular characteristics: his persistence and tenacity  in driving projects and his ability, helped by his language skills, to adapt to different international environments."
Ian Walsh, founder and CEO, Ian Walsh Consulting Network

"I have come to know André Papmehl as an experienced, forward-looking leader, who achieves his goals with dedication and professionalism. His trademarks are reliability and creativity."
Professor Dr. Artur Wollert, Karlsruhe University of Technology

"Mr. Papmehl is one of the few HR Directors who has authored a large number of comprehensive publications together with his impressive expert network. After working for many years as an active and creative co-entrepreneur, he has decided in the year 2010 to become an entrepreneur. I wish him all the best for the future!"
Professor em. Dr. Rolf Wunderer, University of St. Gallen