About the founder


A large numner of workshops, trainings & keynotes have been conducted in the last two decades, for example:


Akademie Schloß Eyb

Lecture: “HR development as a strategic competitive advantage – expectations and reality”
Deutsche Telekom Mobil Keynote: „Absolute Customer Care“
German Association for Personnel Management Lectures and seminars on “HRM” and “The learning organisation”
Institute for International Research Workshops and lectures, e.g. “SalesCon: Coaching in sales”
LTU Akademie Lecture: “Higher value creation through 100% customer care”
Management Circle Seminars and lectures, e.g. “Coaching” and “Personnel management”
Mercedes-Benz Keynote: “Training management”
MGC / MOC (Fashion) Keynote: “Absolute customer care”
PEF Consulting Lecture: “How top companies win clients as partners”
Robert Bosch Lecture: “Success based on customer satisfaction”
Scalaria the eventresort Lectures and seminars on “Management”, “Motivation” and “Change management”
SiemensNixdorf Lecture: “Customer care is a top management issue”
Ueberreuter Keynote: “Absolute customer care”
Wella Lecture: “How to treat King Customer”
Institute for International Management Seminars and lectures, e.g “HRM” and “HR development”